Mtn Has Now Increased The 16 Digit Recharge Pin To 17 Digits

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    The 16 digits recharge card pin is one thing MTN users are used to whenever they buy a recharge cards from thier local vendors, but that's about to change soon as MTN has just announced that its increasing the number of recharge PIN from 16 to 17 digits.
    MTN recharge voucher pin used to be just 12 digits until 2016 when MTN increased it from 12 to 16. Now the company has decided to increase it again from 16 to 17. The news isn't surprising considering the fact that the company is currently the largest and arguably one of the fastest growing telecommunications company in Nigeria at the moment.
    Even with the introduction of the new 17 digits pin, the older 16 digits still remains valid. So either you buy the 16 digits or 17 digits pin recharge card, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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