2 Nigerian Students In The Uk Fought Over Whose Father Is The Richest

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    The case of two wealthy children of unidentified
    Nigerian millionaires has just been reported.
    The young men who are studying in the United
    Kingdom (UK) reportedly fought over whose
    father is the richest.

    According to UK Sun, one of the Nigerian
    students battered a classmate with a shisha
    pipe during their fight. 20-year-old Elvis Ilonze
    whose Mercedez is covered in fur reportedly
    attacked his childhood friend Prince Nnaji at
    their home in Brighton.
    It was further reported that Ilonze chased his
    friend down along with 24-year-old Daniel
    Oluyemi as he tried to flee before beating him
    with a wine bottle.

    They also attacked a 23-year-old law student
    Chiedozie Dibiagwu, who sat on a chair nearby
    and pushed Nnaji’s girlfriend Louanna Rayawa
    to the ground. Ilonze decided to treat his
    friend a lesson for saying his father is richer.

    Ilonze and Oluyemi were both handed a one-
    year prison sentence and suspended for 18
    months, at the Old Bailey following an attack
    on April 7, 2017.
    According to Judge Christine Laing QC, she
    said: “Unlike many of the people who pass through
    the courts you both come from, effectively good
    backgrounds. It couldn’t be more childish,
    effectively an insult on somebody’s parents, who’s
    got the richer dad that started this fight.
    You both appear to be incredibly immature, perhaps as a
    result of being cosseted in your upbringing. ”

    It was also disclosed that Ilonze came to the
    UK to study a four-year Masters of
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    So funny
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    Lmao, and so insane
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    dem don dey craze na money too much
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